søndag 3. mai 2009

Pieces in a puzzle

Beeing an age group triathlete with full time jobb and family means every week is a puzzle. And every week i seem to loose a piece or two. 2 weeks ago it was a trainer LT workout. Last week it was 2 swims. And this week it was my anual tuesday treadmill hill intervall. But guess thats what its like to be a triathlete. Not everything goes acording to plan. Some pieces in the puzzle just get lost.

But I did find one very important piece today. After starting training again I have not been comfortable in my aero position on the Plasma. And I found it strange, cause in 07 it felt great, and nothing has been changed since then (at least I thought). I have been strugling to hold my position more than 10 mins, but has been telling myself its because I did not use it at all (almost) in 08. But on my long ride this morning I hit a big hole HARD with my front wheel. BAM! Aerobars tilted down maybe 0,5cm. My first thought was: "Damn! I did not bring tools!" But then on next long flat I just felt super comfy. And a lot stronger! Stayed in aero position for the reminding 2 hours. Pushing big TTB style
So some pieces are coming together. But I still need to get some more to get the pictured feeling in Frankfurt july 5th

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