tirsdag 26. mai 2009

Denmark Camp day 1

Me and Vegard, who is also doing Frankfurt travelled from Kongsberg 2pm wednesday to join Norway`s largest and best tri club, Oslofjord, on their camp in Denmark. After 3,5h on Color Line SuperSpeed 2, and 1h drive we arrived in Sæby around 10pm. Straight to bed to get ready for thursday early morning swim

Got up 6am only to find a closed door to the pool. But things where quickly sorted out, and swim rescheduled to 3pm, after bike.

So after breakfast we headed out on a 130k ride. It included 1h warm up then 3hs like this: 40min Ironman intensity + 5x3min LT threshold with 1min rest. Then 20min easy back home. A front group of 5 soon established, and we did the 3min intervalls ending each hour as TTT. Got pretty hard, and my legs was toast when we came back.

Some went for a transition run, but I stayed in bed until swim practice. Did 1h 20min like this:
300 warm up
6x75 pull
Pull main set:
300 cool down

Totals of 3600m and 5h 10min training day 1

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