torsdag 28. mai 2009

Denmark Camp day 3

After dinner yesterday I spent all evening and night in bed. Tired. Very tired. It was hard to get out of bed this morning, but one cup hot chocholate on the way down to pool made me wake up. Did another pull session today; Warm up:400cr,300pull,200kick.Main set(with pads and buoy):400+2x200+400+2x200+400+6x75. Cool down: 250kick(fins) and 200easy crawl. Total:3800m

After breakfast we got in the car and drove out to the coast and "Casa Grande" Øysteins parents was hosting us in their summer house, which was a perfect place for transition on our planned "Tripple Brick" The brick was going to be 3x 36k bike + 5k run. We did 1 warm up loop to get to know the 18k bike course, then got going on what was supposed to be slower than IM speed on first brick, IM pace on 2nd brick and faster than IM speed on last brick.

From the start ijust felt awful. Legs was sore and with no power. Rode with my CEP`s for the first time (yes I know I said I was never going to do that) but they did not help at all. (looking back I think they made my legs feel worse, but I dont know). 1sr brick went on planned slow pace, but heading out on 2nd I did not have anything to make me go IM pace. So I just plugged along in same speed ass 1st brick. Run did not fell any bether, so I decided to only go 18k + 2,5k on the 3rd brick. My body was really breakin up, and knowing and wanting a good training day on sunday also I think it was a smart move. Actually mnaged to bring my speed up a notch on the short 3rd brick, but was very,very tired when finished.

Tired but happy with another 5h + training day:-)

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