tirsdag 26. mai 2009

Denmark Camp day 2

Friday on camp in Denmark started with a 630am swim. And this morning the life guard was awake to. Did 3500m like this:

Warm up:



Main Set:

200 cool down.

After a big breakfast we headed out for a looong ride. 3 gruops where organised, I joined a 8man group to ride 200k. Our map showed a route almost all the way around North Jylland so we got started. We got seperated with 2 riders for a while going left and right all over the danish small roads but group got back together down almost down in Aalborg.

We battled a pretty bad head wind going up north again, and had a great lunch stop on a typical Danish bakery in Branderslev. Mmmmmm!

Got back in the headwind all the way up to Hjørring, and around 170k I was getting very tired. Our route was a bit back an fourth, and up and down going south to Sæby again. I was struggling to stay with the group who was now down to 6 after one trashed tire, and one severe bonk. so I let them go, and headed straight south to Fredrikshavn, then straigh south along the shore back to Sæby. Very tired, and already 15min late for dinner I got my Newtons on and did a 4k tranistion run. Puuuh! 8h 30min of training:-)

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