søndag 10. mai 2009

Running on water

Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning this week was spent on MS Color Magic, one of 2 ships trafficing Oslo-Kiel.

Was there for this the anual Hertz Licensee meeting. Intresting and fun. Got a bit late on thursday night though.

Did get one work out in. Going in beautiful Oslofjord in great sunshine saturday morning I headed to the fitness centere and ran 3x10min hill intervalls. With great view over the fjord.

Rest of week has been normal. Got a nice long ride in sunday morning, in rain.

I have also made a change in my schedule right on the page. Have decided to not go to Hove triathlon June 13th. I really need all training weekends before IM Germany, so I`m staying at home to train that weekend. Ringhaugsdysten is still in the air, but it`s only 1h travel so I might do that race to get some speed. But will have to see how things develop coming month.

Great view from treadmill going in Oslofjord

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