tirsdag 28. april 2009

Week 17

Not to much to report from last week. Got some good training in. Week looked like this:

Monday: 1h swim with 10x100 + 10x50 + 3x100 medley main set.
Tuesday: 1h running on treadmill with 4x10min AT intervals on 6% elevation + 30min weights
Wednesday: 45min morning run + 1h 15min spinning clas with 42min total of AT intervals.
Thursday: 1h swim. 8x400m pull with paddles/bouy
Friday: 1h 20min morning long run
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 4h long ride

Went to our "cabin" in Telemark for the weekend. Finally got tires changed on car. And picture on topp is from my long ride on sunday back to Kongsberg. Nice view down the valley when i got to topp of the "Nutheim" climb.
And on Friday i finally found i decent place in Kongsberg to get a good sushi lunch:-)

søndag 19. april 2009

My new friends

Well it`s been 3 weeks since my last update. My training is ticking along, and I am finally a litthle optimistic about toeing the line in Frankfurt July 5th.

Easter was spent in Telemark. Not to good weather, but I got some good long rides in, and also a nice 20k long run and a 6x10min threshold workout on the trainer. Trainer was located on our cabins porch, with a great view down the small valley.

My new friends are my new CEP compression socks. They are awsome, but look dorky:-) Got some strange looks when i ran intervals on treadmill at the gym on tuesday. But the are so comfortable to run in, I have not run without them since i got them. Thinking of getting some more pairs, so I also can use them when not running. But I will never ride with them! Promise!

This week has been my best training week since 2007. It would have been awsome if i had not gotten a sore throat on saturday. Guess I have been alitthle sloppy with how i dress in the spring weather. Decided to take saturday of, not to risk my long ride on sunday. I really need all the long rides I can get now. But I am starting to feel strong on the bike again, but still a way to go to my 07 bike fitness, which was awsome.

Paris-Roubaix last sunday stil pisses me of! We where SO CLOSE to get a Norwegian lift the cobble stone on the podium! If it had not been for that crash I am sure Hushovd would have followed Boonen into the dome, and crushed him in the sprint. But we have to wait 1 more year for a Norwegian to win the coolest bike race on planet...

And congrats to everyone finishing IM China today! 45 degrees C had to be awfull running conditions. Puuuh!!