mandag 15. februar 2010

Holmenkollen Ski Marathon

Saturday it was time for Holmenkollen Ski Maraton, a 42k classic from Hakadal to the famous Holmenkollen Ski Arena. Althoug this year it was going to finish at Frognerseteren cause of recontructing of the arena before next years 2011 FIS Nordic Ski World Championships. Woke up to -19C in the morning and at the start it was bellow -20C. BRRRRR! Got my startnumber and decided to stay inside as long as possible. But the 3999 other racers also wanted that, so the smal scool hall got very overcrowded. At one point I actually got scared of not getting out of there to make it to my heat 1 9am race start:-)

After a short "cold" warm up I got my warmup chlotes of and headed to start. Got well away, but it was basically just to stay in line until the first aid station at about 10k. From there it opened up and I could start racing my own pace. My skiis was not as fast as I had hoped, but guess that was the same for almost everybody in -20C. From 10k to 20k I lost some places, but thats pretty normal in easy parts of the course for me. My upper body is not big enough:-)
When the sun got out and warmed up the tracks I had some trouble in a few upphils to get the skiis to stick, but I felt strong the whole way and had some energy left for the last 10k. The course change was brutal! Instead of gliding into the Holmenkollen arena, we did a sharp right turn and the last km was steep, steep uphill. And to make it worse it was in the sun and on produced snow. That meant it was like skiing in clean sugar, and no way to get the skiis to stick. A bit frustraiting cause I had energy left to really sprint, but there was no way I could use it. Just had to run outside the tracks or pull myself up on my weak arms. But I got there in 2h 40min and 45sec. It was an ok race, and good training for the upcomming 90km Vasaloppet.

Results here:

tirsdag 9. februar 2010

Another skirace

We have spent the evening at Heistadmoen on XC ski race. Both Stine and Ida enjoyed it. Ida did a approx 400m loop, and Stine did a whole km. And dad did 4,3km classic. Got 9th and has scrimped the timeloss to the best guys severly in 4 weeks. I`m happy and really looking forward to Holmenkollen Skimaraton on saturday.
Results here:

fredag 5. februar 2010

My new team!

It has taken A LOT of work but we finally made it! My club BK Triathlon is setting up an elite triathlon team for 2010. The team is called Team BK Triathlon - Ridley.

We are so lucky to be sponsored by who are importing lots of great cycling and triathlongear to Norway. They are the largest on cycling in Norway, sp we are very happy to be working with them. The team wil ride, as I have told before, Ridley Dean bikes with Fast Forward wheels and Oval aerobars. We wil use Santini chlotes in our own team design. bothe triathlon chlotes and cycling chlotes. We will use Limar helmets.

The local Volvo/Ford/Mazda dealer ar suplying us with cars to use to camps and races,

Aquaman, via norwegian distributor, , wil provide us with the fastes wetsiuts in the world.

I`m really looking forward to beeing a part of a team the coming seasons! It`s going to be a very fun 2010! We have our first short camp this coming sunday. And we will soon have a website running for the team.