fredag 26. juni 2009

Sprint Training race yesterday

I did a sprint tri training race in Oslo yesterday. Weather was awsome, with 28 degrees and sun. This race is held every 2nd thursday on the same course and is hosted by the great club Oslofjord Triathlon. It has been the same course for 4-5 years, so it a great place to test fitness.

My best time on this course is 57:00 from july 2006. Yesterday I was egaer to have a great swim, and get some feedback on how countless hours in the pool with paddles/pullboey had paid off. got off to a great start, and felt super strong. Had my brother on my toes for almost 300m, but dropped him a litthle before halfway. In Holmestrand in the pool he beat me with 12sek:-)

I was 5th out of the water in 11.30. My best time here from 2006 was 11.51. Oh yes it HAS PAID OFF! :-)

My bike was not good yesterday. Never found my rythm, and the great weather ment pretty heavy traffic in Sørkedalen where we biked. After almost crashin in a cars front after 500m i decided to not risk anything. My bike was over 1min slower than my best here. After one DNF in front off me, I was 3rd into T2...but 5th leaving it! My tranistins was really rusty, not even on IM pace!

Quickly retained 4th, and had contact with number 3. But on a long steep descent Magnus came back from behind, and almost ran away from me. I caught him once more, and tried to get rid of him on the last k. But with 500m to go he outsprinted my and I had to settle for 5th. time was 57:58...not to bad

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