mandag 27. juli 2009

Ironman Germany RR

It`s been 3 weeks already, so time do write a RR from my Frankfurt adventure. If I remember anything after 2 weeks on a sunbed in Mallorca:-)

Got to Frankfurt without drama on thursday and had my base on Hotel Steigenberger close to everything.

Did a short run thursday evening, a 2000m poolswim in Rebstockbad on friday, and my usual 20+20+10min brick the day before race day.

Sunday started 0415 with breakfast and then bus to Langener Waldtsee. I was very calm. Knew exactly what to do and what not. If everything turned out normal I would finish somewhere between 09.45 and 10.00h. I knew I could not expect more. I was not as fit as in Klagenfurt 07 when I did 09.26.

Was in the seeded wave with the pros, and got in the water 10min before start. Very warm!! Must have been 25+?? It was SO GREAT to be in the first wave!! Some fighting for about 300m, then open water. Found some great legs to follow and swam pretty well. Strong and controlled. Sendt i big thanks to my TYR Catalyst paddles and my big pullboey. Got out in 1.02, and found I had made a mistake: Race numbers are not happy with 1h in water, even under a suit! Ripped it off my numberbelt pulling my suit down! Idiot! Should know bether in my 15th IM! Cost me about 1min I guess.

On my Plasma I felt awfull the first 60km. Back was stiff and hurting. Headache. Bad headache. Thought it was gonna be one of those days. 1 Ibuprofen saved me. Coming back into town I started to feel very good and strong. And my plan was to hammer 2nd lap. So I did. At least I tried.

Felt very fresh coming to T2, and after a potty stop I was ready to run a marathon. Was very determined to run well, after 2 bad races on this course before. First lap in 50min was on schedule, so was 2nd lap in 55min. Then I started to suffer on lap 3 (surprise). But hang in there and did it in just under 1h. Going out on last lap I had just about 1h to go sub 10h. It was going to be close, and I knew I had to dig to make it. And so I did. And made it with 45sec:-)

Pretty happy with the race. It was what I was good for with my training. Solid and controlled. A nice comeback to IM racing.

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