onsdag 24. juni 2009

On track. I think.

Ironman Germany is only 10 days and 15 hours away! Not many posts here last 2 weeks - cause they have been very hectic. After 2 weekens of racing, I did get 2 pretty good training weeks in. Last weekend (12th-14th june) was very good. Did a long bike up to the cabin in Telemark on friday (110k), a laong 26k run on saturday, and then my favorite bike ride on sunday. It is a scenic ride in telemark on the route Brunkeberg-Vrådal-Dalen-Aamodt-Morgedal-Brunkeberg. 124k with over 2500 climbingmeters:-) Will try to post some pics from it later.

But last week everythin went off track. Guess beein a husband, dad, running local Hertz/EuropCar office alone, personal trainer for 10 persons, race director for a olympic distance race in august AND training for IM Germany got to much. So from monday to friday I was really toast, just running around fixing things. But things calmed down over the weekend, and I did get a 30k run in on saturday and a 86k ride in on sunday. Actually felt pretty strong on the bike sunday.

On monday I did my first wetsuit swim in 2 years. Finally decent temps in our local lake, gues it was 17-18 degrees C. Did time my regular "triangle" 800m(ish) lap. A bit to early to say, but I think all my paddle/pullboy work in the pool will pay off. Yesterday was intervall day on treadmill. 3x10min (12,6kmh)on 6% and 2x3min on 1,5% (15,5-16kmh). Felt pretty good!

With my week "off track" I have decided to take a risk in my lead up to Frankfurt. I gonna stick to regular training all the way until wednesday in race week. Will do a sprint tri tomorrow in Oslo, a long 20-25k run on saturday in Kragerø, and then bike 180k home from Kragerø on sunday. then som swimming and short intervalls monday/tuesday and a 85k rinde on wednesday before I leave for Frankfurt thursday. In Germany it will be relax, relax and getting ready to race hard on sunday.

A bit risky, but worth the shoot.
Will keep u posted about my race tomorrow.

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