mandag 30. mars 2009

Week 13

Another hectic week is done. The star of our family this weekend was Ida, celebrating her 2nd birthday on friday. And ofc she needed a bike, so mum and dad bought her a brand new pink 3 wheeler:-)

Have finished up my march testing this week. Did my bike test (lactate profile) 2 weeks ago, and it showed my AT is 242Watts and 151bpm. Not to happy with that, and have already stepped up my threshold training on the bike...

Saturday I did a run test, also a lactate profile. Did it on 6% on the treadmill. That is the elvation I`m running my intervals on. I`m still 1km/h behind where i want to be in july. My AT speed is 12,4km/h with 168bpm HR.

From run test i went straight to the pool and did a 3x300m swim test. Put my BlueSeventy PointZero on for the first time since Kona 07 (yess it stil fits:-) and did a 600m warmup. Test is done with 30sec rest between each 300m, and is not corect if difference is more than 30sec from fastest to slowest.

I did 4.53 - 4.55 - 4.58
That makes for an 1.38 average, which is not to far away from my PB of 1.35. Really think my swimming is coming around again, and hopefully all those meters with pullboy/paddles will pay off in july

Winter hit us hard again this week. Almost 20cm more snow on friday! After last sundays nice ride om my Plasma, I was not very tempted to do my long ride on a MTB with spikes. So I opted for my close friend, the CT. 3h is pretty long in the garage, but thanks to Linsey Corbins post on her blog, 3h is not that long anymore. She has posted a great 3h trainer workout here:

I did it sunday morning. It`s pretty hard, but very effective training. Intervals in last hour was done on AT watts.
So it`s been a pretty good training week; 3 swims, 4 runs, 2 rides (indoor) and 1 weight session.
And hopefully winter is done now?

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  1. With the pointzero on your splits wasnt all that great....:-) Keep up the work! You need it...

    best regards
    Your dear brother