torsdag 19. mars 2009

Getting back into it all

Well. It`s been a while since Hawaii and october 2007. In 2008 i did not train very much at all. And I gained 12kg from my race wight in Kona. Thanks to bad eating habbits, and not to much activity.

This atum I did start some training again, swimming with my master group 2-3 times a week, and a 75min spinningclass every wednesday.

We have had a massive winter here in Kongsberg, and still have almost 1m snow on the ground. So in january me and my twinbrother made a bet to be tha fastest at "Grenaderløpet" - which is a 90km long XC ski race through the forest north of Oslo. Guess my brother, also a triathlete with 11h IM pb, thought I was in so bad shape that he finally could beat me:-) So from then on I was really focused on ski training. Did 2 intervall workouts a week, and some 3-4h sessions. Race went pretty well, and I finished 1h 10min behind the winner. Weather made it a pretty tough one though. It snowed like h...... all night and all day, som my finish time was 50min slower than in 2004. But same timeloss to the winner, so guess my fitnes was not that bad. And I did beat my brother with over 30mins. Ha! He should realise I am, and has always been, a bether skier than him;-)After the race i got a stomach flu and did not eat properly for 3 days. Nice way to lose some weight:-)

So now I have 15 weeks to get in Ironman shape again. I do have som benchmarks that needs to be met to toe the line come july 5th;
  • My wight stil needs to come down 4-5kgs. It is now 75kgs
  • Anaerobic Threshold (AT) running on treadmill on 6% elevation should be over 13km/h. Just before qualifying to Kona i ran 13,4km/h.
  • AT biking on my CompuTrainer should be very close to 300Watts.
  • And swimming my 3x300m AT test I need to average 1.35 pr/100m.
  • And of course I need some big miles in my saddle and on my Newton`s

I am doing some testing this week. AT bike test has already been done, so I will let you know how I am doing come next week. And then you hopefully can follow me all the way to the startline in Frankfurt on july 5th

2 kommentarer:

  1. jolly good, Espen! Guess theres a risk will be seeing each other in Germany. Hopefully you won`t see nothing but my back. Then again; you always where a killer on the bike;) anyhow - good call deciding to start over. Its in your blood - you NEED to be around!!


    Ole Richard

  2. This is the twinbrother speaking;-); I have already acieved two of your 3 benchmarks (Both the swim and the run...) proving it was my skis and not my fitness that put me 30 min behind you at Grenaderen!! Revenge will come this summer...