søndag 22. mars 2009

A great weekend!

My plan was to finish up some testing this weekend, but incredible weather changed my plans. So my testresults have to wait for next week.

Saturday started with a great 4400m swim. 200warm up, then 10x400 pull with paddles (alla Linsey Corbin & co). Then 200 cool down. A great strengt workout that really make u feel your lats!!

Then home for a second breakfast and og to Kongsberg skislopes to do some alpine skiing with Stine (4). She`s really getting the hang of it, and we did 5 rounds from the topp. Of course with a break in the cafeteria with some coke and cake...
Sundaystarted 7am with this years first ride on my Scott Plasma TT bike. Actually my first ride outside since january. we still have plenty of snow as you can see. Was som icy spots and 1 degree bellow freezing when i left home, but it got warmer quick and last hour was nice and warm in the sun. Then home, some breakfast again and of XC skiing with Stine. She and a friens did 3,3km today, longest she ever did.

So now its time to sleep to get ready for another hectic week. Starting with work 6.15am monday morning.....

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