mandag 5. april 2010

Easter training...

...has gone pretty well. We have spent easter in Telemark. Normaly an awsome place to ride a bike, but weather the last week has been pretty misreable. So I was happy my CT got place in our car together with my Ridley Dean and heaps of skiis.

Got company from my brother w/family for 3 days. great to have a trainingpartner. We both did a threshold test on the CT. I was very happy with my result, and after getting the read of 4,1mmol on 270Watt I could not resist shouting: " Yes I`m back" :-) Best threshold test since Kona 07, but still lacks 30-40 Watts to be competitive at Norseman.

Next week will be run focused. Will spend to days with work on ferry Oslo-Kiel-Oslo. They have great treds, so I will get my run miles in. hope my legs can handle a 100k + week.

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  1. Nice bike. Your underarms are pointing downwards, which is not nice.

    Stoferman ;-)