torsdag 4. mars 2010

Vasaloppet next

Yesterday I recived a big box from with my new Ridley Dean! I only had time to take it out of the box, and enjoy the view for some minutes. Cause I have this 90k ski race to do before I can concentrate on my new sweet bike. I has to wait until next week.

Leaving tomorrow with my brother to Sælen, Sweden and Vasaloppet. I have been looking forward to this all winter. It will be my first Vasalopp, and everybody sais its such a great event. We arrive late friday evening, and have all saturday to prepare skiis, nutrition and get to know the place. Think we need that with an 8am start on sunday with over 10.000 skiers :-)

You can follow the race at My startnumber is 10973. There is a SMS thing there if you want splits.

Vasaloppet and tuesdays "Kongsberg XC Ski champs" in 5k skate will end my ski "season" From there I have 21weeks to Norseman Xtreme, and its time to get into serious swim-bike-run training. I will kick it all of with 7 days at Playitas Sport Centre in Fuerteventura. Cant wait!!

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