onsdag 13. januar 2010

Ski races are hard!

In Kongsberg we have a 4 race ski tournament called Kongsbergkarusellen. First race was yesterday, and we got rid of the wirst cold just in time. After several days with temperatures lover than -20C last night was great with -8C and great prepeared tracks.

Kongsbergkarusellen is for everyone between 2 and 100yrs. So I brought my to girls and they had a great time. Ida(2,5yrs) did her first ski race ever. We cut the 1k course a bit short. 1k is long for a 2,5yr old! Stine(5) left from the gun in a hurry, but got a lithle lost on the course. She was saved by her grandfather, and when me and Ida finished she wantet to do one more lap. So we did:-)

Then it was time for the old man. 5,5k 2 loop classic race. It was hard! I did not know the course, but it gave no rest. with a small cold it was getting a bit hard to breathe the last lap. And my lower back started to spasm. But what can you expect when its the first hard skiworkout of the winter. Great training! My time was 18.24 and it got me 11th place in the menn senior cat.

Next race in 2 weeks. Skating:-)
Results here:

From local newspaper:

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