torsdag 31. desember 2009

Happy New Year Swim!

Todays workout was inspired by HillaryBiscay, thougest IronChick out there. She uses this as a birthday set to herself and everyone else around here it seems. so it just had to be done. In late 90`s my club BK had a tradition of swimming 10.000 meters new year morning. So the now growing triathlon part (me!) of the club decided it was time to take it up again. Inspired by ms Biscay!
Program was like this, taken from Hillary`s blog: (except start times, they will make her laugh:-)
10x100 warm up (75free, 25back)
20x100 swim @ 1.55
20x100 swim hard @ 1.55
40x100 pull w/paddles and bouy @ 1.45
10x100 swim (25sprint,75easy)

5 of us started the show, 1 triathlete (me!) and 4 swimmers. Swimmers set out on starttime 1.45 from the gun. 2 of them blew big time after 40, and DNF`ed after 50:-)

We had booked the pool from 7am to 10am. It was pretty clear early I needed more time. Actually found the 100`s from 30 to 50 the hardest. It felt I was way over my head. But starting the pull set it all went buy fast. Had 90 in my belt after 3h, and the staff said the 3 of us still swimming could finish. So we did, in 3h 20min. The to youngsters og 13 and 15 yrs finished impressive 300m in front of me. Well done!
This was my longest swim ever. Previous record was 8000m. So going into 2010 optimistic. 3800m in the Hardanger fjord will be a sprint after this!
Thanks Hillary! And happy new year everybody!


3 finishers
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