søndag 19. april 2009

My new friends

Well it`s been 3 weeks since my last update. My training is ticking along, and I am finally a litthle optimistic about toeing the line in Frankfurt July 5th.

Easter was spent in Telemark. Not to good weather, but I got some good long rides in, and also a nice 20k long run and a 6x10min threshold workout on the trainer. Trainer was located on our cabins porch, with a great view down the small valley.

My new friends are my new CEP compression socks. They are awsome, but look dorky:-) Got some strange looks when i ran intervals on treadmill at the gym on tuesday. But the are so comfortable to run in, I have not run without them since i got them. Thinking of getting some more pairs, so I also can use them when not running. But I will never ride with them! Promise!

This week has been my best training week since 2007. It would have been awsome if i had not gotten a sore throat on saturday. Guess I have been alitthle sloppy with how i dress in the spring weather. Decided to take saturday of, not to risk my long ride on sunday. I really need all the long rides I can get now. But I am starting to feel strong on the bike again, but still a way to go to my 07 bike fitness, which was awsome.

Paris-Roubaix last sunday stil pisses me of! We where SO CLOSE to get a Norwegian lift the cobble stone on the podium! If it had not been for that crash I am sure Hushovd would have followed Boonen into the dome, and crushed him in the sprint. But we have to wait 1 more year for a Norwegian to win the coolest bike race on planet...

And congrats to everyone finishing IM China today! 45 degrees C had to be awfull running conditions. Puuuh!!

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