fredag 5. februar 2010

My new team!

It has taken A LOT of work but we finally made it! My club BK Triathlon is setting up an elite triathlon team for 2010. The team is called Team BK Triathlon - Ridley.

We are so lucky to be sponsored by who are importing lots of great cycling and triathlongear to Norway. They are the largest on cycling in Norway, sp we are very happy to be working with them. The team wil ride, as I have told before, Ridley Dean bikes with Fast Forward wheels and Oval aerobars. We wil use Santini chlotes in our own team design. bothe triathlon chlotes and cycling chlotes. We will use Limar helmets.

The local Volvo/Ford/Mazda dealer ar suplying us with cars to use to camps and races,

Aquaman, via norwegian distributor, , wil provide us with the fastes wetsiuts in the world.

I`m really looking forward to beeing a part of a team the coming seasons! It`s going to be a very fun 2010! We have our first short camp this coming sunday. And we will soon have a website running for the team.

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