mandag 9. november 2009

2010 preperation has started

So its going to be Norseman that i my big goal for 2010. I was planning on IM Lanzarote, but was to slow wntering the thing and now they have no spots left. So applied for a Norseman elite spot - and got one. Was a little surprised to see they seeded 50 in the elite category and to find myself seeded 48th!! I have higher hopes than a 48th place come august 7th;-)

I am focusing on swimming these days, and swim a lot with paddles and pullboey. Had some indication last year it made me a bethe wetsuit swimmer, and will try to push that even further in 2010. My goal is to get out of Eidfjord in less than 1h, and hopefully not longer than 1o min from thefront off the race. So about 60% off my swimming is with paddles/pullboey now.

And also some XC roller skiing has been done ass you can see in this video. Good for upperbody strength, and good from my first try at Vasaloppet,, in March. Still not enough snow in Kongsberg to ski, but it will soon be here.

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  1. Vasa? Du er gal. Akillesproblemer i enden av den tunnelen. Husk såler! G'luck.